North Lakeland Youth Soccer
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Spring 4v4 Format

Every Saturday from 9 am to 11 am --

Games will be 4v4 for all age groups with smaller fields and goals to help with shot accuracy and allow for more passing and ball handling.  Each team will have at least 5 players, chosen at random in the older groups but still trying to put families on the same teams, to allow for a sub and absences.  Every effort will be made to place players on the same team if requested, but NLYS reserves the right to adjust the teams to get a better competitive balance in all age groups. This will also help new players learn from more experienced players.  This team will be together for the remainder of the season.

If only 3 players on a team show up then the field coach will play 3v3 on each team.  If LESS than 3 show up, then that team forfeits (1-0), but the coach will split up the 2 teams so they can at least still play a game.  A forfeit will be notated by an (*) in the results. 
 The first week will not count in the standings and will be used to make sure everyone understands the format and rules and to get the teams set up.

Each session will start with a 10 min warm up, followed by a 25 min session to go over the drill of the day.  After that, the last 1.25 hours of the session will be a series of mini-games.  The games will follow the following format and will be scheduled.  Each game will have 2 -15 min halves with a 5 min break.  Then 10 min break to allow for time to move to another field to play the next game.  We are looking to have everyone play 2 of these mini games each week.  The results will be tracked throughout the season, except week 1 as we want to let everyone get used to the format and rules. Over the final week a mini tournament will be played and a Universal Cup winner will be crowned in all age groups (U6/U8/U10G/U10B/U12G/U12B/U14G/U14B/U16B).  All participates will receive a certificate and ribbon, but the winner of the Universal Cup Championship games will receive Championship/1st place medals.

NOTE: It is extremely important that ALL players participate in the DRILLS as WELL AS THE GAMES.  Please do not continuously show up just to play the game portion and skip the drills.  The reason is simple, we want your child to reach their full potential and they can only do that by learning new skills.  They will only learn that during these drills.


Here is how the TIME LINE is supposed to go for the Spring 2014 Season.

8:30 am  – Coaches MUST arrive to get their game cards, any handouts to pass out for the day, FIELD SCHEDULE, and 4 Game Pennies (that will stay with them at their field).

8:35 am – 8:45 am – Coaches should report to their field to make sure their goals are there and set up ready to play.

        8:45 am – 8:55 am – Meet under NORTH Goal Post of Field 2 for Coaches meeting to talk about anything happening that day and to make sure everyone has everything they need.

        8:55 am – 9:00 am – Report to field and finish set up for drills…lay out cones and such.

        9:00 am – Teams report to their field as listed on the schedule. 

        9:00 am – 9:10 am – Teams do warm up per DOC email.

        9:10 am – 9:35 am – Teams do Drill of the Day per DOC email.

        9:35 am – 9:44 am – Teams move to field of first game and get hydration.

        9:44 am – 9:45 am – Teams should be AT field for first game and ON field in positions ready to start on horn.

        9:45 am – Horn sounds and teams play first game.  Each game will now have 2-15 min halves and a 5 min half time.  All games and breaks will be done on the horn.

        10:20 am – First game should be completed at this time on final horn.  

        10:20 am – 10:29 am – Teams shake hands and then move to location of second game and get hydration.

         10:29 am – 10:30 am - Teams should be AT field for second game and ON field in positions ready to start on horn.               

         10:30 am – Horn sounds and teams should play second game.  Each game will now have 2-15 min halves and a 5 min half time.  All games and breaks will be done on the horn.

         11:05 am – Second game should be completed.  Teams shake hands.  Coaches gather goals, pennies, and game cards and turn them in.

Each WIN is 3 points and a TIE is 1 point.  There are no extra points for SHUTOUTS.  Tiebreakers at the end of the season, for seating, will then go to GOALS AGAINST then GOALS FOR for 2 or more teams.  IF only 2 then HEAD to HEAD, then GOALS AGAINST and GOALS FOR.

Coaches will be placed at the same field each week and will drill the same age group every week. Based on feedback from previous year, it would be good to rotate the teams through different coaches within the age groups if there is more than one coach.
They will be given a Drill of the Day from our DOC and will use the drills session on that drill.  These will be things like PASSING, ACCURACY, and others that our DOC will email out early in the week and ALL coaches will work on that drill.
After Coaches are done with the Drill of the Day they will become the refs/coaches for their field.  They will still help with subs and coaching during the games but are there to keep score and referee.  Coaches at each field are responsible for picking up PENNIES and returning them.  Coaches will track results for ALL games and submit to Endy/Richard to update the website.  The website will be updated with the latest results by Monday.

Due to the small fields there will be a slight adjustment to some of the more common rules


 1. You can only score PAST the CENTER LINE.  You must be on the OFFENSIVE side of the field.  Scoring from the other side of the center line will result in no goal and the defense gets the ball for a goal kick.

2. All out of bounds plays will be throw ins, except for U6.  They will do kick-ins..  

3. There will be NO Goalie.  There should be strict enforcement of the “NO TOUCH CIRCLE” on offense and defense.  If the defender enters the circle and touches the ball, that would have had a “reasonable chance” (as judged by the ref) of being a goal, then the goal is awarded to the offense.  If the offense scores a goal by kicking the ball AFTER it has entered the circle, it will not count and a goal kick will be awarded to the defensive team.

4. All hand balls in the field of play will be "spot of the hand ball" free kicks, unless it happens in the circle.  If a hand ball happens in the circle by a defender, a goal is awarded to the offense.  If a hand ball happens by an offensive player, the ball is given to the defense for a goal kick.

5. There are no off-sides.

6. If the ref calls a penalty/foul it will be a free kick from the spot of the foul.  If it happens in the circle then follow the same rules as if it were a hand ball in the circle.

7. Substitutions are allowed on ANY dead ball for BOTH teams.  Substitutions will be run by the COACH/REF to ensure equal playing time.

8. For Age groups U8 and up, if a team is ahead by 3 goals, that team must do “3 touches” before they can shot again.  The COACH/REF will determine if it is a valid touch and call out the numbers so both teams know what touch they are on.

9. All kicks, free kicks, goal kicks, corner kicks, and kick offs are INDIRECT kicks.  They must touch another player before they can be counted as a goal and the defender must be at least 5 YARDS (U6/U8/U10) and 10 YARDS (U12/U14/U16) away from the ball.